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Hello lovely readers! Welcome to the first installment of "Words & Whispers"

I am Sadie, a glamour addict and all round lover of sassy things including, people, clothes, make up and much more! I shall be writing snappy segments on all things fashion related here at Whispers; ranging from my top picks of the month to broader topics such as why we ladies can never have enough Little Black Dresses and why it's so great to buy preloved! In this first piece I shall be letting you in on why I love this Dress Agency so much and what my previous involvement with the gorgeous people behind the brand have been so far.

So without further ado, lets get to it…

My first experience with the company has always been directly through the creators, Amanda and Karl, a caring couple with a huge love for everything fashion related and online sales. The two saw a huge rising number in people shopping for preloved clothing and accessories and realised that although sites such as Ebay and Depop are great for those in the market for something throw away or less upmarket, it can be tricky buying through unknown sellers if you want to be sure of quality and credibility.

Shortly after this realisation the pair got to designing, what I can only refer to as an impeccable website, which is both stylistic and a breeze to work your way around. A website where those of you who no longer want to scroll through hundreds of useless listings in order to find something decent, then to be weary of its authenticity, can now access fabulous quality clothing with the validity of a trustworthy brand and unbelievable prices thrown in for good measure.

Not only do I love the site itself but also the clothing and accessories listed are all of phenomenal quality and down to Amanda’s brilliant sense of style so you won't be hoarding through pages of naff to find something that you really love. Trust me when I tell you that is a brand to keep your eye on and a website that you will quickly become addicted to.

Enjoy browsing and keep an eye out for my next post very soon.

Sadie x

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