You can search for the items you want to purchase on the site in many different ways.

Using the menu at the top of the page you can click on the various collection headings, for example, Men, Women, Children etc. Searching in this way will allow you to see everything that we have in stock under that collection and provide lots of inspiration for you to find something new to wear and tempting you with the unexpected.

Hovering over the collection headings at the top of the page will open up a drop down menu to display the categories that are in that collection and help you get to a specific range, for example, Women's Dresses, Women's Eveningwear, Women's Jeans etc. 

*Please note that for mobile devices the main menu is located on the toolbar above the Whispers logo. From here you can access the categories by pressing the arrow on the right of the collection name.

Once you are viewing a collection you can click the size/sort button to choose your preferred size or arrange by price, alphabet or newest or oldest items first.

Browse- You will also notice a "browse by" list in the headings which is separated into 4 different categories:

Brand- If you are searching for a particular designer or make.
Type- Showing you the different types of items we cover and how many of each we have in stock.
Collections- Again showing you our various collections and how many items are in stock.
All Items- Our full range for those looking for anything that might just catch your eye.
Grid and List View- all items are automatically shown in a grid view but for those that prefer, you can click on the list view to give a more extensive description of each item.
Search Box- At the top of each page you will notice a search box which is handy if you are trying to find something in particular. Enter a keyword into the search box and press the magnifying glass at the side and you will be taken to a new page with the results. You can search by Brand, Colour, Size and more. 

Wishlist- The easiest way to add any of the beautiful things you see on the site for reference, further viewing or that you would like to purchase in the near future. You will notice either a little pink heart or an "add to wishlist" button on all items which you simply have to press. To use this feature we ask you to create an account with us which is very easy to do. Just type in your name and email and your wishlist will be created automatically.

Shopping Cart- You can add items to your cart as you go through the website, simply click on the add to cart button next to the item you want and it will be added for you. From any page you can view the items that are already in your cart by clicking on "My Cart" and you will be able to see what you have added already, easily remove anything you don't want and also see the total price of your order so you can keep an eye on your budget.
Currency- For our friends abroad you can change the currency on the site by clicking on the flag at the top right of the page and using the drop down menu choose your desired currency. This will give you the current rate throughout the site in your chosen currency although when you check out you will pay in English Sterling at the current exchange rate which is updated daily.

At anytime you can click the Whispers Dress Agency Logo to be taken back to the home page.