Posted by Amanda Sowden

So here it is.. my first Blog!

I hovered my cursor over the button that said "Make Website Live", took a deep breath and pressed.. there was now no turning back! Fortunately for me (and for you reading this) there was no big explosion, the world didn't come to an end and instead I'm excited to say that after months of hard work, Whispers Dress Agency was now a bona fide website.

After years of selling on eBay with 100% feedback and over 6,000 happy customers it seemed crazy to be paying extortionate fees to a corporation and much more sense to have my own online store where I can keep costs to a minimum and pass those savings on to you.

A lot of thought and planning has gone into the site and it was important that it was totally secure when placing orders and also easy to navigate, making for a lot better user experience. I'm sure you will agree that we've accomplished that.

Please send me your feedback as I love to hear from you and any suggestions you may have and keep checking back as I have so many items to add'll be sure to find that bargain you've been looking for.

Amanda x



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