Let us sell for you…

Using Whispers Dress Agency to recycle unwanted Designer fashion and accessories is lucrative for all our regular clients who live in and around the York area. We can either purchase items directly from you or act as an agent for those of you who wish to sell AUTHENTIC pre-owned luxury goods on our website.
For expensive items, particularly designer handbags and clothing, providing all original receipts will improve the value and can help with a faster sale.
As a general guideline we will not take in most mainstream high street brands or Supermarket or low budget brands.
We will agree a selling price with you that we feel is fair and viable and that both parties are happy with.
Items are booked in strictly by appointment only.
Please contact us for further details



Before we accept any items from you, you will be asked to read, confirm that you understand and sign the following terms and conditions.  

We will act as your agent, selling clothes, shoes and accessories on your behalf.

We will display your items on our website for a total of 16 weeks from an agreed starting date.

At your appointment we will evaluate your items and advise which we think have a good chance of selling.  In the unlikely event that items have been left without an appointment and we accept them, we reserve the right to price them in accordance with our own judgment.

Once we have decided which items to take into stock you will be given a list of all the items, the amount you will receive for them if sold and a date to arrange for the return of your items if they haven't sold after the 16 weeks.

You will receive 50% of the sold price although sometimes this is open to negotiation depending on the quality and Brand of the items.

All goods must be received 'ready to sell' in a GOOD AND CLEAN condition and either freshly laundered or dry cleaned. We will not accept damaged or stained goods.

Buttons and zips should all be intact and working properly, collars and cuffs must be in excellent condition and there should be no sign of bobbling on woollen items.

All Goods are left ENTIRELY at the clients own Risk.

    We reserve the right to refuse any items, at any time, that we think we shall be unable to sell or are found to be damaged.

    You warrant that you are the owner of all items given to the Whispers Dress Agency for sale. We do not accept stolen or counterfeit goods and you may be asked to provide proof of ownership.

      Items will be kept on the website for 16 WEEKS ONLY. After this time if they have not been sold and arrangements have not been made for their return, the items will be donated to our current sponsored charity.

      After 8 weeks, we reserve the right to reduce accordingly any item we think that by doing so, that item can be sold, unless pre-agreed by both parties.

      All money due to clients for goods sold is paid once the 16 week date has expired. Payment is made by cheque or paypal.

      Due to our large number of (ever increasing) clients it is impossible for us to keep you updated as to the progress of your items.  It is entirely your responsibility to keep in touch with us by telephone or email if you want to know how your items are selling. We may not call or otherwise remind clients of their due date to make arrangements for return or collection of unsold items, although money for items sold will still be transferred to you through your chosen method of payment.

            Please Note: Any items not pre-arranged to be returned or collected by clients within 2 weeks after their due date will be donated to the current charity on our fundraising page.